Treat jaundice by Ayurvedic treatment

In Ayurveda jaundice is called as Kamala, which is caused when the skin, eyes and urine become yellow in colour because of the presence of high level of bile pigment in the blood. Kamala can also be caused if a person has a viral infection, pancreatic cancer, or blocked bile ducts.

Jaundice or Kamala can be prevented if a person avoids hot, oily, spicy, caffeine, alcohol food as these foods cause disorder of pita dosh (fire). Disorder in pitta dosh leads to blockage of bile ducts which then leads to jaundice.

While a person is taking ayurvedic medicines it is necessary for them to follow a particular diet as well.

Ayurvedic medicines which cure jaundice or Kamala:

  1. Kutki — A compound found in this herb helps in clearing the blocked duct so bile does not assemble in the blood stream, picroliv has an anti-cholestatic effect. The herb can be taken with hot warm water 2 tbsp every day.
  2. Kumari asav — Asav improves the function of gall bladder and liver and gives relief from the congested or blocked ducts. Asav is made from 20 Indian herbs like Triphala, cardamon, black pepper and much more. Dosage should be taken with the advice of a doctor.
  3. Vasaka — Vasaka is a shrub it should not be taken alone, it should be taken with other herbs or with fruits that too under the guidance of a doctor. Although vasaka is very beneficial in curing,  as it reduces the pitta dosh and discomfort caused by Kamala.
  4. Giloe — Giloe is easily available stem plant, it may look wild but it has many health benefits. Giloe is available in the market in a powdered form. Giloe cleans the blocked duct with bile, it gives relief from nausea, improves appetite. Dosage- 3 tbsp twice a day. Always consult a doctor before taking any medicine.
  5. Arogyavardhini Vati — This vati contains some minerals which help in improving the liver condition, liver health improves person will automatically improve on jaundice. According to researchers of All India institute of medical science, vati does not harm the brain, kidney. Dosage- for adults 250-500 mg dosage twice a day should be taken under the guidance of a Medical practitioner.

Things should be taken care of while on Ayurvedic treatment:

  • Bakery products like cakes, chocolates should not be eaten.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, smoking should be prohibited.
  • Oily, spicy food should not be consumed as it can be one of the causes of jaundice.
  • Liquid diet should be more so that it eliminates the increased bilburin through urine.

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