These Ayurvedic Treatments Provide Instant Relief From Lipoma

Normally, lipoma occurs in patients ageing in between 40-60 years. These are soft lumps underneath the skin formed from the accumulation of fat cells. The subcutaneous layer of the skin is where these benign tumours are found. These lumps are painless and movable but in some cases, they can cause pain and discomfort.

Ayurvedic means to cure lipoma

Till date, there is no proven method to cure lipoma, but with the aid of Ayurveda there are some treatments to try:


This is a particular type of remedy that is used to control the lipoma from growing. Udwartana is a deep herbal massage that penetrates inside the skin in the lymphatic level and stops the lumps from growing. The active ingredients used in the massage prevent fat accumulation and aids in the elimination of toxins in the tissue fluid. The process also stimulates blood circulation and improves digestion in order to promote proper metabolism. The Kapha Dosha is balanced again which aids in reducing the size of the lumps.

Vamana Therapy

Vamana Therapy is an Ayurvedic process that is applied to bring balance in Kapha. The lumps under the skin are caused by the deposition of fat means the balance of Kapha Dosha has been disturbed. Vamana Therapy is a purification method of Panchkarma that is used to eliminate toxins from the body. In this method, the toxins are removed from the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract by vomiting.

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Surgical approach

As mentioned earlier, a lipoma can be painful which is why surgery is the only way to get rid of the constant pain. After performing local fomentation, the surgery is initiated. The lump is removed and sutured when the bleeding ceases. The wound is properly cleaned with fine turmeric powder containing red sandalwood, lodhra, manasshila,honey and  hartal.

Oral medication approach

It is known that the bitter herbs are good blood purifiers. In fact, their ingredients also aid in digesting fat too. When the bitter herbs are consumed every day, fat accumulation stops and the size of the lumps reduces. These herbs promote blood flow, detoxify the system, and enhances metabolism. Herbs like yarrow, olives, wormwood, gentian, unsweetened chocolate, dandelions, etc can be consumed daily.

Chickweed can be used to cure lipoma. You need to consume a teaspoon of chickweed thrice a day. In fact, the experts also suggest applying chickweed oil on the lumps externally to hasten the action.

Lemon juice is a very good detoxifier of blood. It aids in reducing the size of the fat lumps, metabolise fat, and improve skin condition.

The experts suggest switching to raw food rather than fried ones. It is also recommended eating more fish that contains a high amount of omega-3-fatty acids. The good fats will dissolve the accumulated fat from the system. Prefer tuna, salmon, herring, trout, mackerel, etc. Add bright-coloured fruits in the diet which are high in antioxidants. Experts also suggest avoiding red meat as much as possible. Increase the fibre content and nutritional value of your diet to aid the ayurvedic healing process.