Now De-Clutter And De-Stress Your Life With These Feng Shui Methods

  • Oct 09 , 2017

When the free flow of energy is hindered, it causes a chaotic outcome. Life seems to be subdued and full of stress when you are intentionally or accidentally block the energy flow due to unnecessary pressure. This is often termed as cluttering. One of the biggest factors that mess with your life and exert immense pressure on your shoulders is disorganisation.

As per strong beliefs in Feng Shui world, being disorganised can be a threat to your well-being. In fact, it can act like a bane. For an instance, when your entire space is messed up and you remain satisfied with it then it is due to your cluttering the energy is unable to flow properly. The ideology is quite simple to understand. When you are living in a messy condition, the other problems seem to tag along with it and make the situation worse.

Photo Courtesy: TheSpruce

There is anonymous saying that if you want to change something and make yourself organised then start with the bed in the morning. It is the first step that tells you to clear up the junk and remove the unwanted parameters from your life to set the course of the energy flow clear. The concept is similar to that of confusion that blocks the proper thinking capability of a person’s brain and weakens the focus gradually.

These Feng Shui methods mentioned below will aid you to de-clutter your life and set the course in the right direction:

Jot down: The strength of organising is rare but it can be achieved by building good habits. All you have to do is to start writing everything down that you have to do immediately. It is like a daily journal that you will maintain to check your progress every day. Start what you do every day. Then, continue it with the list of things you like or do not like to do. You will find a lot of material coming out of the pen. Indulge in making the handwriting intentionally good. Try cursive writing to stimulate the special areas in the brain and make a permanent mark in there.

Clean your space: The only way to motivate yourself from the very beginning is to de-clutter your living space. First, you need to clean your surroundings first to set the positive energy free. Keep things at their respective places and let the freshness come in.

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Scheduling: Make a list of things you do every day. Fix a particular time or the jobs. It is believed that when a person fixes the time for eating and sleeping every day, the rest of the day turns out to be very productive.

De-stress: The contemporary life often demands you to be multitasking. Being a versatile person is not that easy. It also created cluttering and hence causes utter confusion in the process. You need to set everything aside and do one job at a time to fully concentrate on it. You will find your lost passion to work again.

Living in a clumsy and cluttered way will never help. If you want to remove stress then start with your own space and move further with your plans.