Know The Ways to Accomplish Reiki

  • Oct 30 , 2017

Reiki is a self-healing process which would mean that your body would heal itself if practiced well. It is a beneficial process where you could understand the cosmic energies present inside your body and which were not known by you until now. This concept was presented to the world by a Buddhist monk from Japan known as Mikao Usui. This was developed in the early 20th Century and was practiced ever since.

How does it work?

Reiki is known to be in your palms and if you utilise it in a legit manner to heal someone and transfer the divine forces guided by you into someone else’s body. This would help the person in mental and physical healing.

Photo Courtesy: FifthDimensionHealingenergy

Who can learn the art?

You can learn the art of Reiki anytime during your lifetime. This is regardless of your age, gender or your current mental or physical capacity. It is fine if you perform Reiki on yourself or on others, but the most important part is using all the Reiki techniques to get the best results. The best way to benefit out of it is meditation in Reiki style.

Process to perform

You can just grab a floor mat and lie down on it or sit as well. It does not matter about the position unless it is effective. Just keep your spinal cord erect and your mind in a relaxed state. Start to breathe in deeply taking in all the happiness and goodness and exhale all the fears and anxieties out. Repeat this process for a few times so that your mind can relax. At start you may need the help of a professional to make you understand the breathing process for maximum benefit. They will also tell you the right way to keep your hands on the seven chakras so that it can revive the sleeping energy and activate it. These chakras are located on the spinal cord from top to bottom.

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The benefits of Reiki

Reiki will help you to sleep well if you have a disturbed sleep or have stress in life. It helps you to solve your problems easily as you gain confidence on the perception and visualisation. This will make you resolve your problems with ease and a cool mind. You can even concentrate well as your powers increase. This process also helps you to heal your body without any medication and in many cases even by evading the surgeries mentioned to you. You can transform yourself into a charismatic and charming individual who can inspire self and others through such techniques.

Reiki can be done by anyone who wishes to get over their mental and physical stress and get more from life. It is a harmless technique and can be helpful to you in many ways. You should practice it and spread the awareness as well to benefit others to gain control of their lives. However, you should take the help of a professional so that you can get guidance in the start.