Basil Healing Treatment: A New Way To Improve Your Eyesight

  • Sep 06 , 2017

Most herbs like basil leaves are often made a part of the gardens that lie in the backyard. And more than often, they are used over dishes like pizzas, in teas to add extra flavour and some extra health benefits. It was not known, until now, that basil leaves have other healing properties too.

Photo Courtesy:Kripalu

Scroll below to gain some knowledge over what are the features of basil leaves:

  • Enhancing your respiratory capabilities: Respiratory disorders can be easily dealt with the help of basil leaves. Pluck out some basil leaves and add honey and ginger to the paste. Disorders like asthma, influenza and other respiratory disease can be treated effectively with the help of this solution. Making a drink out of it will enable you to consume the solution throughout the day. This will enhance and empower your immune system.
  • Treatment of sore throat: Sore throat brings in a lot of trouble and irritation in life. The itching sensation simply refuses to let in any peace. Rinsing your throat with lukewarm mixed with basil leaves helps greatly. The healing properties of basil, along with its anti – inflammatory features cleans pathways in the throat. Hence, you become free from a sore throat.
  • Rashes over the skin: Rashes irritate and bring in discomfort. All you can do then is keep the corn powder method aside and switch over to basil leaves. Mix these basil leaves with water and add a few lemon drops to it. Apply this solution over your rashes and keep it for a few minutes, following which you should rinse the same. Basil leaves help in healing and also in reducing inflammation. The acidic nature of lemon kills the bacteria that lives.
  • Treatment of the aching ear: Oil made of basil leaves should be applied to the effected ear. Massage this oil over that affected ear for a few minutes. Dip a cotton ball in this oil and plug it in that ear. The oil will, however, move into the affected part and begin with its healing processes.

It might feel uncomfortable for some time, but then it will certainly be of great help in the long run. As time passes, you shall feel the effect as the degree of pain might have reduced.

  1. Protection of the eyes: With age, our eyes also grow older. We tend to lose vision or come across sore eyes that brings discomfort and pain. Blurry vision is something that is seen commonly. No doubt, there are a number of treatments available in the market. But if you choose that one which comes with no side effects, home remedies are the best. In such cases, basil leaves can be used. These can be used as a prevention as well as a cure. Basil leaves consist of Vitamin A properties in them. Chewing in some of them daily or sipping in their juice helps in overcoming sore eyes or night blindness.