Acupuncture Therapy Can Cure Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

  • Aug 02 , 2017

Being pregnant is carrying a blessing in your belly, but not every day of pregnancy is easy. Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks and these 40 weeks of wonderful time there are different ailments which women need to face during pregnancy.

Acupuncture is very safe to have during pregnancy and is an effective option at a time when many women choose to avoid taking medicine for minor ailments. Regular acupuncture during pregnancy sets the foundation for a healthy mother and baby. In addition, women who receive acupuncture during pregnancy often have a shorter and easier birth experience than women who don’t receive acupuncture.

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Some of the conditions that acupuncture can treat are:

Morning sickness

  •        Low energy
  •        Anxiety/depression
  •        Heartburn
  •        Symphysis pubis pain
  •        Gestational diabetes
  •        Delayed labor
  •        Constipation
  •        High blood pressure
  •        Back pain and sciatica

Studies have found that acupuncture during pregnancy had no adverse effects and was completely safe when done by a trained acupuncturist. You may have heard that some acupuncture points are forbidden during pregnancy. This is true – certain points are to be avoided during pregnancy as they may stimulate uterine contractions.      

Acupuncture during the first trimester focuses on setting the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. Treatments are given to prevent miscarriage and to address any early pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea and fatigue. Acupuncture during the second trimester aims to maintain balance and offer relief from many of the common complaints of pregnancy. Patients may come one or two times per month in the pregnancy is uncomplicated and there are no complaints. If addressing a certain issue, patients may need to come more frequently.

Acupuncture during the third trimester prepares the body for labor and delivery. Treatment is given for breech presentation between weeks 32-36. Treatment for labor induction can be given any time after week 39 if there are no complications with the pregnancy. Studies show that women who receive regular acupuncture during the third trimester typically have shorter and more productive labor.

Acupuncture for labor induction is safe for both the mother and baby as long as there are no serious complications with the pregnancy. Labor induction with acupuncture stimulates uterine contractions and softens the cervix.  Depending upon how far into pre-labor the mother’s body determines the number of treatments needed. Some women need one or two treatments, while other may need several treatments for real labor to start.

70 per cent of women responded positively to treatment with acupuncture for depression during pregnancy. Acupuncture is also important even after the birth, to increase energy levels in new mothers. For better results, it is important to find a registered and qualified practitioner of acupuncture.