5 Tips To Make Your Meditation Easy

Have you ever thought why so many youngsters are meditating these days? One specific reason is to get that calmness back in life. Meditation tends to relax your mind and body and calm your nerves down.

But sparing some time, sitting still and trying to concentrate is not an easy task. People often do not understand the concept of meditation and this is why they face difficulties. Meditation is easy if have the concept is clear, it is no rocket science. Here we have a few techniques that can make you meditate and reach your goals comparatively better. Rest everything depends on your practice.

Photo Courtesy : TheArtoFunity

  1. Understand what you are doing – Before you just jump onto the conclusion that yes! I am going to start meditating, understand what meditation is. You can either take online help or you can join some classes. Do not rush. Start it by making attempts of 2-3 minutes as the real fruit of meditation will only be achieved if you concentrate properly, detaching yourself from rest of the world.

  2. Choose your mantra – Whatever you think relaxes your mind, that’s your mantra. The real motive of the mantra is to activate your chakras and release energy. You can try chanting OM, gayatri mantra or you can make something of your own. Anything than calms you and makes you feel loosen up will work.

  3. Watch out your surroundings – Do not choose a place that can easily distract you (in the beginning). Leave those places for the days you become a pro. Sit down in quiet place, be it your room or balcony. If you want to feel better light up some candles or fragrance sticks.

  4. Try to focus – Either you can make any one thing the center point of your concentration, or you can close your eyes and try focusing by making the area between your brows the point of concentration. This will hold your attention.

  5. The big thing – Let’s come to the actual part - inhale and exhale slowly. Keep your mind focused and relaxed. Begin with feeling your breaths. Expand it by feeling the sensations it is creating within your body.

Meditation is no hard thing if you promise to give it sometime as we say with time, things fall in place. With time you will be able to focus better and eventually you will expand your diameter of focusing.